Smok - V12-T6 0.16 Ohm Coils (3 Pack)

Smok - V12-T6 0.16 Ohm Coils (3 Pack)

Brand: Smok
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For ultra-high wattage vaping between 90 and 320 Watts we have 0.16 Ohm, SMOK V12-T6 replaceable coils. Featuring SMOK’s ‘Turbo’ format, each monster coil head contains 6 individual coils in a stacked arrangement. Each individual coil is wrapped in pure organic cotton. SMOK V12-T6 coils generate mammoth clouds with incredible depth of flavour. The sweet spot for V12-T6 coils can be found between 120 and 180 Watts.


·       0.16 Ohm Replaceable V12-T6 ‘Turbo’ Coil Head

·       Rated: 90 to 320 Watts – Sweet Spot 120 to 180 watts

·       Sextuple Coil Design

·       6 Individual Stacked Coils

·       Designed for Mega-Cloud Production

·       Deep Flavour with a Warm to Hot Vape

·       Organic Japanese Cotton Wicks

·       100% Genuine SMOK Coil

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Smok - V12-T6 0.16 Ohm Coils (3 Pack)
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