Dr. Fogs Famous Ice Cream E-Liquid - Vega

Dr. Fogs Famous Ice Cream E-Liquid - Vega

Brand: Dr. Fogs Famous Ice Cream
Product Code: ELIQUIDS-DRFOG-006
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Combining peanut butter and banana in an E-liquid is typically a recipe for disaster when I’m the one reviewing it since I don’t normally care for either flavour (there have been exceptions). In the case of this juice it isn’t that bad since the peanut butter blends really well with the vanilla ice cream and just adds a slight nutty quality without being overpowering.
The banana on the other hand is quite strong, natural in taste but it is a little bit too potent for my liking and tends to dominate the mix. The entire flavour is also a little bit too sweet and I don’t think that I could vape it for long sessions. Bear in mind that this is purely down to my personal taste and if you happen to enjoy these flavours then you will no doubt love this!
Vapour production was good but quite normal for 75% VG. I found the throat hit to be medium on account of the strong banana.

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* 0mg
* 1.5mg
* 3mg
* 6mg
* 12mg

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Dr. Fogs Famous Ice Cream E-Liquid - Vega
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