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VapeHut UK is one of the leading suppliers of e-cigarettes products across the UK.  New vapers find the task of selecting the right e-cigarette starter to be a tad overwhelming at first. There are products made to look like real cigarettes right through to huge sub-ohm bricks!  VapeHut’s experience can assist the new vaper find the right kit.  The rise in the number of folk taking up e-cigarette has led to a huge influx of seriously inferior vape pens and e-cigarettes coming through less scrupulous online outlets. VapeHut have compiled a comprehensive list of products of the very best we’ve come across together with the pros and cons of each item.

Under £20, least expensive on this list, ideal for someone wanting to try vaping, without spending excessively, The One Kit from us.  As you’d expect, there are limitations to how good an e-cigarette can be for such a low price.  The payoff is limited tank capacity at 1.8ml, requiring more refills and a constantly hungry battery.  However, the atomisers last well, needing only fortnightly replacement.  Vapour cloud pretty good for e-cigarette at this price. Very good starter product.

Next, Aspire, who VapeHut find produce some really excellent vaping products out there today. Their Aspire K1 at £39.99 is well priced pen unit to compete as a starter kit.  It offers very neat design. Provided with CF Power battery pumping out 4.7volts, more than adequate for the average vaper.  It offers a good battery time, and a reliably tasty vape. The tank is small at 1.6ml, but does use BVC coils, so produces superior vapour and the problems with dry hits have been eliminated.

VapeHut UK also tested Innokin, another well respected make in the vape world.  Their iTaste MVP includes an excellent battery along with the iClear 30 tank, the price being only £39.99.  For that you get variable voltage, ohm meter, charge measure to check your battery life, and a puff counter.  The battery also includes variable voltage and an ohm meter.  It produces consistent vapour; the taste is clean taste it’s sturdily built.

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As one of the UKs leading e-cigarette and accessories suppliers, VapeHut UK have thoroughly enjoyed testing and preparing ecigs reviews from across a fully comprehensive range available today. The electronic cigarette brands lists is bigger and better than ever and it is VapeHut UKs aim to provide accurate and unbiased information. For the novice, choosing from the list of e-cigarette starter kits must be daunting. VapeHut have compiled a list of the very best electronic cigarettes brands we’ve come across with a few useful points for and against.

Kanger Protank 3 - £19.98, Pyrex glass and stainless steel build, 2.5ml capacity with dual coil atomisers, 1.8 & 2.0ohm. Sleek design excellent vapour and flavour. A top mouth to lung clearomizer. Very popular mid-range. This is expertly designed and well priced, more than deserving reputation as this sector market leader. Fantastic vapour production, superb atomiser coils and a neat design, very few cons - small problem with leaking. VapeHut rate at 9/10

Kanger Aerotank - £25.00, Pyrex glass and stainless steel build, 2.5ml capacity with 2ohm bottom dual coil. Newest dual coil unit from Kanger. Adjustable airflow. Good vapour for mouth to lung fans. One of the best electronic cigarettes. Compares favourably with Aspire’s Nautilus. Cons include some dry hits experienced and small capacity. VapeHut rate 9/10

Aspire Triton Clearomizer - £33.99, Pyrex glass and steel build, 3.5ml capacity, Adjustable airflow with 0.3, 0.4 or 1.8ohm atomiser. Excellent quality with easy top fill. Great wicking. Cons include small capacity for sub-ohm. Gets hot using 0.3ohm coil. Costs extra for Rebuildable tank. The Triton is at the top end of the market, but does offer supreme vapour and flavour, either as a sub-ohm tank or everyday mouth-to-lung. VapeHut suggest this top e cigarette is one of the best tasting we have reviewed. Excellent value for money. VapeHut rate 8/10

Aspire Nautilus - £19.99, Pyrex glass and steel build, 5ml capacity, 4-way adjustable airflow, 1.8 and 1.6ohm atomize, Uses Aspire BVC coils. Fantastic value. Large capacity, takes excellent BVC coils. Fantastic vapour and flavour. One con is difficulty unscrewing the bottom requires unexpected strength. Three members of VapeHut very impressed with this unit and rate it 9/10