Dr. Fogs Famous Ice Cream E-Liquid - Polaris

Dr. Fogs Famous Ice Cream E-Liquid - Polaris

Brand: Dr. Fogs Famous Ice Cream
Product Code: ELIQUIDS-DRFOG-002
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Polaris is an absolutely outstanding E-Liquid that tastes identical to raspberry ripple ice cream. It really is amazing just how similar it is right down to the thick raspberry syrup sauce which is sweet and fruity. The vanilla ice cream itself is quite delicious but mainly plays second fiddle to the potent raspberry. I am not sure what the deep fried element in the description is supposed to be but there is certainly a hint of something like that in the mix. Regardless this juice is spot on and since I happen to love raspberry ripple ice cream I could easily vape this all day long!
Vapour production was pretty good and I found the throat hit to be mild to medium.

Nicotine Strengths Available:

* 0mg
* 1.5mg
* 3mg
* 6mg
* 12mg

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Dr. Fogs Famous Ice Cream E-Liquid - Polaris
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